About me

Hello, I’m Jodi.


Living in the Midlands countryside with my amazing husband Dale, our two boys (Dexter and Ollie), and our gorgeous dog Ralphie.


A year ago, I decided to take a 100-day break from alcohol to help me to lose some weight. I’d been a big drinker for over 20 years and sat firmly in that middle lane of drinkers, the ‘grey area’. To help me to stay on track with this mammoth challenge, I submerged myself in audiobooks and podcasts about sobriety and taught myself about the impacts that alcohol has on our brains and bodies. Then, taking myself completely by surprise, at just 30 days into my 100-day challenge, I made the decision to never drink alcohol ever again.

The choice to become sober has not only transformed my own life but has sparked a huge desire to share what I’ve learned with anyone that needs it. I’ve found my purpose, there is no doubt about that. From free resources to tips, digital programs and soon to be coaching too, I’m here to support anyone looking to embrace an alcohol-free life and the sheer enlightenment and liberation that comes with it.


I truly believe that everyone has it within themselves to dig deep enough to eradicate alcohol for good, you just need to have a solid support network, the right tools, resources and guidance and a hell of a lot of resilience and determination in your heart.




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