100 Days To Flourish

‘100 Days to Flourish’ – Sobriety / Alcohol free Program for Women – Just £197.00

The highly requested support programme designed to provide you with everything you could possibly need to either help kickstart your sobriety journey, to simply take a break or to provide additional accountability and support on an already well trodden alcohol free life.

During the 100 days, I’ll share absolutely everything with you that got me through each week not only when I embarked on my initial 100 day challenge in 2022, but what has helped me to flourish in a life completely free of alcohol ever since.

What’s included?


  • Weekly group zoom calls for Q&A with Jodi + expert guest speakers twice a month (guests will always be recorded to allow replays)
  • ‘Flourish in Sobriety’ – a 10 part emotional sobriety course (including 30 CRUCIAL lessons)
  • Heaps of resources, tips, guides and videos. (Including what to expect week by week.)
  • Recommended daily habits
  • Sober Flourish app (desktop version available too)
  • Full support from Jodi via the app
  • Exclusive interviews with Lauren Amy White, Anna Mathur, Sarah Turner, Kate Rowe-Ham + more
  • Workshop recordings from previous guest speakers covering, confidence, self discovery, positivity, journalling, human design, nutrition, gut health +MORE
  • Journal prompts
  • Celebratory milestone imagery, ready to share on social media
  • Digital / Printable daily accountability tracker
  • Chat forum to engage with other members for support and accountability
  • Exclusive booking access to my 2024 1-2-1 coaching
  • A tailor made alcohol free mindful cocktail recipe eBook, generously created by the wonderful Cami of Mindfully Cami
  • + MORE
What can I expect to gain?
  • To build bonds & learn from others
  • To share stories & successes (think milestones and sober firsts)
  • To receive support and understanding from women on the same path
  • A foundation to obtaining, sustaining and conquering long term sobriety
  • To build resilience and courage in an alcohol free life
  • A shift in mindset and a positive outlook
  • Confidence in your ability to tackle a life free of alcohol
  • Many different perspectives, be that mine from my 18 months alcohol free, each others or my VIP guests
  • Access to a safe and non-judgemental space to be yourself
Who Is This For?

Women who are looking to kickstart their sobriety, to simply take a break or would love some additional accountability in their already well trodden alcohol free life.

When do the calls take place?

Day: Monday

Time: 6pm – 7pm GMT (UK)

What’s The Investment?

There is a one off investment of £149.95

 Just £197 for 100 days (14 weeks)


Please note that the Sober Flourish programs are designed for middle lane and grey area drinkers looking to take a break from alcohol, quit altogether or be supported in their alcohol free life.

This is not a medical program and does not provide medical advice.

If you are dependent on alcohol, it is important to seek medical help before attempting to quit. Withdrawal from alcohol in this case, can be dangerous and should be supervised by a doctor.

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