Early Sobriety Course

Early Sobriety Course

30 lessons = £25

My top secrets for success in early sobriety:

  • 30 Crucial lessons to help make a life free of alcohol not only as easy as possible but sustainable too!
  • Short, easy to digest videos to help simplify the process of ditching the booze
  • Lifetime access
  • Full access to private women only alcohol free community

Just £25

If you’d like to explore 1:1 coaching with me or join one of my highly successful digital programmes, you can book a FREE 15 minute call below & we can have a chat about next steps.

If you have any other questions, you can send them to me here.


Please note that the Sober Flourish programmes are designed for middle lane and grey area drinkers looking to take a break from alcohol, quit altogether or be supported in their alcohol free life.

This is not a medical program and does not provide medical advice.

If you are dependent on alcohol, it is important to seek medical help before attempting to quit. Withdrawal from alcohol in this case, can be dangerous and should be supervised by a doctor.

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