Exploring My Sobriety Journey on Podcasts


Welcome to a page where you can dive into the world of podcasts where I’ve been a guest, sharing my personal alcohol-free journey and valuable tips. These podcast appearances have allowed me to connect with a wider audience and share my experiences on the path to an alcohol-free life.


In these episodes, I’ve had the privilege of opening up about my own journey, including my grey area drinking days and the pivotal 100-day challenge that kick-started my sobriety. I’ve also shared insights into the importance of emotional sobriety and the strategies that have helped me maintain a fulfilling alcohol-free lifestyle.


As you explore these podcasts, you’ll get a glimpse into my story, my challenges, and my triumphs. You’ll also find practical advice and inspiration for your own journey towards emotional balance and sobriety.


So, grab your headphones and start listening. These podcast conversations are not just about my journey; they’re a testament to the power of sharing, connecting, and supporting one another on the path to a healthier, alcohol-free life. Enjoy the episodes!

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