Socialising & Partying

Maintaining sobriety while socialising or attending parties can be challenging, but it’s entirely possible with the right strategies and mindset. Here are 20 tips for sober socialising and partying:


Plan ahead: Before attending an event, mentally prepare yourself for potential triggers and plan how you’ll handle them.

Bring your own non-alcoholic drinks: Having your own alcohol-free beverages ensures you always have a drink in hand and reduces the temptation to consume alcohol.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the event to stay refreshed and curb any cravings.

Have an exit strategy: Know when to leave if you feel uncomfortable or tempted. Having an exit plan in place gives you a way out if needed.

Drive yourself: If possible, be the designated driver so you have a valid reason not to drink.

Tell someone you trust: Share your sobriety goal with a close friend or family member who can provide support and keep an eye out for you. Focus on the people, not the booze: Concentrate on conversations, connections, and the overall atmosphere rather than the drinks.

Stay busy: Engage in activities like dancing, playing games, or helping with party preparations to keep your mind occupied.

Find sober friends: Seek out others who are also choosing not to drink, as they can be a source of support and understanding.

Practice assertiveness: Politely decline offers of alcohol and confidently communicate your choice to stay sober.

Use non-alcoholic alternatives: Enjoy mocktails, alcohol-free beer, or other non-alcoholic options that mimic the taste and experience of drinking (IF you do not find this triggering).

Bring a sober friend: Invite a friend who is also committed to sobriety to accompany you to the event for added support.

Engage in meaningful conversations: Connect with others on a deeper level by asking questions and actively listening to their responses.

Set boundaries: Know your limits and communicate them to others, so they understand your preferences and respect your sobriety.

Stay accountable: Tell someone you’re going to your first sober party so you feel accountable. Tell them you’ll check in with them the following day.

Visualise success: Before the event, visualise yourself having a great time and successfully navigating the social situation without alcohol.

Have a response prepared: Anticipate questions or comments about your sobriety and have a confident, concise response ready.

Practice self-compassion: Remember that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable at times; acknowledge your feelings without judgment.

Reward yourself: Celebrate your sobriety milestones by treating yourself to something enjoyable or meaningful.

Leave when you need to: If you find the environment too challenging or triggering, don’t hesitate to leave early to protect your sobriety.


Each person’s journey to sobriety is unique, so it’s important to tailor these tips to your specific needs and preferences. The key is to prioritise your sobriety and make choices that align with your commitment to living a healthier life while still enjoying social interactions and events.

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