Top Tips

My top 10 tips for early sobriety:


Reframing your thoughts
Focus on the positives, what are you gaining in abstaingin from alcohol… don’t focus on what you’re missing out on (nothing)


Take action.
When you’re acting you’re not thinking, go and do something you enjoy & do it regularly – for me it was walking & educating myself with podcasts on the health implications of booze.


Use a habit tracker
May seem simple, but for me it was crucial for me, add 10k steps a day, drink 2ltrs of water a day, achieve 7-8hrs of sleep, track calories (I had a lot of weight to lose) & DO NOT DRINK.


Use a sobriety tracker
Mark off each day as you go.


Play it forward
Whats is going to be like to wake up alligned with your values knowing you’ve not let yourself down? Visualise the hell out of it!


Shift your mindset
Don’t think, ‘I’ll try’ think ‘nothing is going to stop me, I do not drink any more’.

AF drinks
(If not triggered by them) I was at first, but I found Trip in a wine glass was a life saver for the first couple of months.


The power of this is unreal, sharing your story with others in the same situation allows you to feel heard and seen. The support in the alcohol free . sober space is unmatched and plays a huge part in maintaining sobriety.

Go gently then dive in, give yourself the first 3-4 months – if you don’t want to go out, then don’t. You’ll be surprised how quickly your tastes change, how quickly you realise that there are heaps of things you’ve probably never actualy enjoyed and only ever did becasue you were drinking alcohol.


Your why
Practise this, for when others ask – I find a ‘I don’t drink alcohol, I took a break a while back and found I feel so much better and never looked back’ suffice. – Who can argue with that?!

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