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Sobriety, Self Development & Resilience Coaching – £95 per 1 hour session. (Minimum block of 4 sessions).

Whether it’s becoming alcohol free, getting clear on your goals, building mental resilience or finding your purpose, our time together will help you achieve it all. Nothing is out of reach, I believe we all have the strength and power within us to achieve anything we put our hearts and souls into.

Before we begin working together, I offer a complimentary ‘clarity session’ which all of my clients attend before signing up to my coaching.

During this session, we’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other, discuss the your objectives, and determine if there is a good fit for working together. It’s a chance for you to express your needs and expectations and for me to offer insights into my coaching approach and methodology.

The session will be held via Zoom and between 6pm & 7pm in the evening – if you do not find a time suitable in my diary, please email me and we’ll arrange a time that better suits you.

If you have already had your clarity session and we’ve agreed to work together, please go ahead and book your required session block below.


*£380 for 4 sessions (£95 per session)

*£550 for 6 sessions (£20 discount)


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative and client-centered process aimed at helping individuals unlock their full potential, achieve personal or professional goals, and enhance their overall well-being. Coaches offer support, guidance, and accountability to clients as they work towards clarifying their objectives, overcoming obstacles, and implementing action plans. Various techniques are utilised, questioning strategies, and tools tailored to the client’s specific needs and objectives. Overall, coaching empowers individuals to gain clarity, make positive changes, and live more fulfilling lives.

Is Coaching Right For Me?

For many, engaging in coaching can be a completely transformative experience, leading to significant enhancements in confidence and self-belief that positively influence various aspects of life. Coaching substantially boosts individuals’ perspectives on all elements of life, facilitating the exploration of untapped potential and promoting creativity and efficiency.

If you have any other questions, you can send them to me here.


*£380 for 4 sessions (£95 per session)

*£550 for 6 sessions (£20 discount)

**Please make sure you hit RETURN TO SELLER on your PayPal order confirmation page to return here to use the calendar to book your sessions**


Please note that the Sober Flourish programmes are designed for middle lane and grey area drinkers looking to take a break from alcohol, quit altogether or be supported in their alcohol free life.

This is not a medical program and does not provide medical advice.

If you are dependent on alcohol, it is important to seek medical help before attempting to quit. Withdrawal from alcohol in this case, can be dangerous and should be supervised by a doctor.

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